Faerie folk+lore are keys to esoteric knowledge.

I could not explain it clearly, but it seemed to me that even the beginning of contact with a school may have a miraculous nature.
— ~P.D. Ouspensky, In Search of the Miraculous
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The mission of the Faerie Folk School (formerly FaeriEcology) is to expand ideas of human identity and consciousness to include our relationships with nonhuman beings throughout the multiverse — others who are folkloric, mythical, material, imaginal, hybrid, and kin of all kinds.

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Registration for Enchanted Fae~Courses is currently closed, but will re-open soon!  Please stay in touch to hear about upcoming offerings. In the meantime, join our secret community on Facebook. Just message me, and I'll meet be there to welcome you.

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If you have encountered a faerie, whether through meditation, journeying, or here in the Green World, and you're comfortable sharing, please send me a message describing it!  I'm collecting oral histories to increase our knowledge of the fae and record the history of the present.